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Ramblings of a Homocidal Feline.

Caution: May Bite

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Kiteara Darkblade

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Let's see... Random information on Kitty? Sure, why not?</p>

Name: Carol, although I go by Kiteara, Kit or Kitty far more comfortably. Save from ke'ashke.

Nicknames: As stated, generally Kiteara, Kit or Kitty.

Origin of Nickname: I originally chose Kiteara Darkblade as a moniker and character name for usage in the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronisms), playing off of my parents' personas, Dara Darkblade and Draco.

Place of Birth: An Army base in Killean, Texas called Fort Hood. Worst. Place. In. The. World.

Grew up: Naples, Florida. Not much better. Traded snow and dust devils, which I don't remember, for hurricanes and tide surges.

Other stuff: Hmm... I'm rabidly Childfree, as far as my own life goes. I don't like kids. Never want 'em. Doesn't mean I won't spoil the hell out of someone else's, and send them home with them. I believe that religion in general is a man-made tool, to control and guide people. I do, however, believe that one should strive to deepen and improve their own spirituality. In most cases, I'm content to leave other people's beliefs alone, unless the person in question is shoving their beliefs on me.

I like color bars. They're spiffy. ^_^

I will not stand for this
Everyone Feels This Pain
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My Baby Has Four Legs. Childfree For Life.
My Baby Has Four Legs. Childfree For Life.
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